Saturday, November 1, 2008


My computer has been broken for the last couple of weeks so I haven't been able to post my pictures of our Grand Canyon trip. We left for the Grand Canyon the day after Halloween and stayed for two days. Jeremy's mom came with us on our little trip so she could get a ride and be a babysitter while I went for a ride. The day Jeremy took us up for a ride it just happened too be the windiest day they had in a long time. So the tour was a little bumpy which added to my fear of flying. Analyce went up with Jeremy's mom and they flew first. Karla said that she didn't seem scared or excited to be up in the sky. Karla loved the flight except for the couple of drops they had due to turbulence. After they landed then it was my turn which I had been dreading the flight all morning long. Jeremy wanted me to sit in the front with him which just added too my fear of flying. I don't like to have a big window in front of me looking out over a big hole in the ground. Jeremy is an excellent pilot but during the whole flight I kept repeating a prayer in my head to not die. I just wanted to make it back to my kids alive and my hubby got us on the ground safe and sound. I really don't know how Jeremy enjoys to fly so much, but he loves it. Over all the whole trip was wonderful and it was great too go see what Jeremy does when he is at work. Here is a couple of my favorite pictures of the trip.