Sunday, September 27, 2009

Makayla Brinkerhoff

Makayla Carol Brinkerhoff made her way into the world on September 18, 2009 at 10:24 am. I was woken up in the middle of the night at around 3 am to what I thought might be contractions. I wasn't totally sure if they were the real thing. So I layed awake in bed for about an hour timing them and they were about 7 minutes apart. Then I decided to get up and walk around to see if the contractions continued or stopped. While I was up I decided to do a couple of things like clean the toilets and pick up some toys and after about an hour I thought this could be the real thing. At that time Jeremy had woken up and was wondering why I was cleaning the bathrooms so I told him that I have been having some contractions and I just wanted to see if they went any where. Jeremy immediatly told me to call my midwife which I didn't think I really needed to yet, but he didn't want to end up without her like last time. So while Jeremy started to fill the tub up I decided to wait for a few more contractions before I gave her a call. After a few more Jeremy really insisted that I call Pam right now since she had an hour drive. So I finally called Pam at about 4:30 in the morning and she wasn't that shocked to hear from me since it was my due date. After talking to her for a little bit she then insisted on talking to Jeremy because I try to make the contractions not seem that bad even if they are. We had already decided that she would be talking to Jeremy this time because of what happened with my last labor and her not makeing it because I didn't think I was that far along. So Pam told me and Jeremy to time the contractions and watch to see if they got any worse to give her a call imedietly. At this point we had the tub filled and ready and we both tried to go back to sleep. Jeremy fell asleep easily but I don't think I did at all, because I was anxious and wondering if it was going to happen by the end of the day. So at about 6:30 Jeremy woke up and noticed that they were closer together and a little more intense and he told me to call Pam now. I said "I don't know if it is going to happen today but I will call her to see if she still wants me to come down for my appointment at 9 o'clock." Jeremy then looked at me and said "Are you serious you are gonna have this kid before 11 am," and I kinda laughed and said "I wish." I then gave Pam a call and told her that the contractions were like 5 minutes apart and a little more intense, but they weren't that bad. Pam immediatly said "Ok I am on my way." At this point I still wasn't even sure if this was gonna be the real thing. I think I let my mind play games with me and I convince myself that I am not going to do it. So as we waited for her to arrive I just walked around like nothing was going on except for every couple of minutes I would have a little pain. I even decided to do my hair and put some masscara on, because I didn't want to look like a total dork when everyone showed up. We then made phone calls to our parents and told them if thay wanted to be here for the birth then thay better head up to Prescott. By the time my midwife showed up I was still hopeing that I was far along so they didn't have to sit around and wait for too long. My contractions had gotten a little more painful but I was still able to talk through them so I thought I still had a ways to go. Pam then decided to check how far I was dialated and I was nervous to hear what the verdict was. I not only had to wait for Pam to check me but she had brought her student with her and asked if she could check me too, which I was fine with. After getting checked Pam said that my baby was really low with a bulging bag of water and that I was 7 cm. dialated. I immediatly thought yea I guess I am really gonna do this today, sometime. We then thought that neither of our moms were gonna make the birth because I was getting so close and was ready to get into the birthing tub. With my last deliver once I got into the tub my baby was out within 30 minutes. I had to wait a little longer to get into the tub then I wanted to because of my sweet little Jaren boy decided to turn the heat all the way up to max, so we had to add some cold water to it. When the temperature was just right I got in and right after that my mom showed up. It was about 10 am when I got into the tub and I think I only had maybe two intense contractions before I was ready to push. Jeremy's mom finally walked through the door around 10:20 and said "Oh good I made it." Right after that I definetly had the urge to push that baby out, and that is always my least favorite part of the whole labor. I pushed the head out at 10:23 and the rest of the body came out at 10:24 am. I sat and held my little baby for a few seconds and then someone said what is it a boy or a girl. I hadn't even cared to know because I thought for sure it was a boy, but I then felt to see what this kid was and was completly shocked when I realized it was a GIRL!! My sweet Analyce was so excited when I said it was a girl, she had the biggest smile on her face. I had a really short cord so we had to cut it immediatly because I was barely able to hold her above the water. I then made my way out of the tub and into my very own bed where I then got to hold and just look at my beautiful baby girl. Makayla was perfect with lots of dark hair (even some on her ears) and big blue eyes. She was a little thing weighing in at only 7lbs 14 oz and 19.5 in. long. I was so blessed to have everything turn out so wonderful. My labor went exactly how I wanted it too and Makayla was healthy. The Lord has truly blessed me with three beautiful children that are so healthy. I would not have wanted this labor and delivery to have happened any other way, because it was perfect. I am also really thankful for my wonderful husband who has been so supportive throughout my entire pregnancy. He is such a wonderful dad and loves each and every one of his kids. He really does so much for me after I have a baby, and just lets me sit and cuddle with my new little one. We are so happy that Makayla joined our little family, and we hope to add at least one more (in a couple of years)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Sweet Baby

My sweet baby GIRL arrived on September 18, 2009. We were a little surprised that it was a GIRL!! I was so convinced that we were going to have another sweet boy, but we got a sweet precious girl. She was born on my due date at 10:24 am and weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz. I was so surprised at how small she was, she has been my smallest baby yet. She has lots of dark hair and big blue eyes. Her birth went beautifully and we had NO complications and she has been wonderful ever since. We named her Makayla Carol Brinkerhoff, and when I get more time I will post some pictures and my birth story.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just waiting!

As I wait for the big arrival of our new little one, I just cherish the last few days of just me and the two little munchkins. I can't believe that we are going from a family of four to a family of five. It still seems unreal to me, and I still have to remind myself that Yes I am pregnant and going to have a new bundle of joy soon! As me and Jeremy set up the water tub in our bedroom I kept asking myself why exactly are we doing this again. It seems just like yesterday we were setting up the water tub for Jaren's birth. Jeremy does keep reminding me that I will be having another baby any day now and I am not dreaming. I still feel that this new baby will be a boy, but Analyce is convinced that she is having a sister. Every day Analyce asks me is the baby gonna come today, and I just keep trying to explain to her that the baby will come when it wants too. She is so excited but I don't think Jaren has any idea that a new little one is gonna come and take mommy's attention away from him. I hope he wont get to jealous and I hope I can make sure I still show him and Analyce all the love and attention that they deserve. Those two kids are my whole world and I love them to death. I have been trying to do extra fun things with them lately so that they know I love them, and because my time will soon be tied up into the new little one. We have been having some fun times playing super heroes, and cooking together, and going to the park, and we even went to Out of Africa. So here is just a few of my favorite pictures of my precious babies.