Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time Flies when your having fun!!

I have been so busy with my three little munchkins, that I have'nt had time to blog. My three babies are such a blast to hang out with all day long so I never have a dull moment. We are all adjusting to being a family of 5 now and we love it. Makayla is such a good baby and sleeps all the time. She has even made the move to sleep in her own bed at night time, and she loves it. Jaren is getting so big and turning into such a little stud. He has been trying to talk a lot more and his favorite word to say is "Tickle, Tickle". He will say that all day long and it is so hilarious. Analyce is like the second mommy and she loves to help with the babies. She is not my baby anymore she is the BIG GIRL now and she loves it. She is the little model and loves to have her picture taken, she is always asking me to take her picture. We recently had our pictures done and I have only seen a few and they are adorable. We couldn't get Jaren to smile very much but he still is such a cutie. Makayla looks adorable especially in the little tea cup, I love all my babies and can't believe they turned out so cute.