Friday, July 10, 2009

My baby turns 1!

I still can't believe that 1 year ago today I was woken up at 2 in the morning to my water breaking. July 10 2008 was my due date, but I wasn't expecting to have my baby on that day. I immediately called Jeremy who was 4 hours away at work to come home asap if he wanted to be there for the birth. I then layed awake wondering and waiting about the labor that I was going to have. I decided to get up and fill the birthing tub (I delivered my baby boy at home in a tub) and then I went and hoped on the Internet. I wanted to know how long it would be before I would go into labor so I did some research. I then found out that just cause my water broke doesn't mean I will start having contractions right away. I then decided to go back to bed since I wasn't feeling anything. I didn't sleep very well because I was too excited. Jeremy finally showed up at the house around 8 am and I still hadn't had any contractions. I had talked to my midwife and she said it was just a waiting game and I should expect it to happen by that evening. Well within the next hour I started to have contractions but they were very mild to begin with. I then talked to my midwife again around 9 am and told her I was in the process but didn't think I was very far along and that she didn't need to come yet. I wasn't aware at the time that I was sort of hiding the fact that I was in a lot of pain. I knew I was in pain but Jeremy noticed that I was in a lot of pain and trying to hide it while I was on the phone. Right after I got off the phone I decided to get in the tub to see if it would slow my contractions down a little bit so that my midwife would arrive in time. From what I remember it was like once I got in the tub I realized that I was in horrible pain and all of a sudden I wanted to push. I told Jeremy to hurry and call the midwife because I was ready to push this kid out and she was still an hour away. My midwife said she would call a friend of hers (who was also a midwife) that lived by us, so she could come see what was going on. Well at that time I was freaking out and so was my husband because he was not prepared to deliver our baby. Thankfully, my mother in law happened to be in the neighborhood and was at our house within the next couple of minutes. She has had 9 of her 10 kids at home so she some what new what she was doing. Right when she walked through the door she could tell that I was in transition stage and that I was wanting to push. She then informed me that my baby was crowning and told Jeremy to get back on the phone to find out where the midwife was. All I remember is I wanted that kid out so bad that I was just gonna keep pushing until it came. I am not sure exactly when the other midwife walked through the door, but it seemed like it had only been a few minutes. As she walked in the door my babies head was coming out so she hurried and put gloves on. She got there just in time because Jaren had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and when he came out he wasn't breathing very good. The midwife took care of everything and I just sat back and tried to relax. I then got to hold my new baby boy while I just sat in the water and took a deep breath. Everything happened so fast it was incredible! My little baby boy was born at 10:45 am and he was the cutest little thing. He just layed on me and starred at me with his big blue eyes. I then got in my own bed to get comfortable and to enjoy my new baby. About 10 minutes later my midwife finally showed up and was a little disappointed she had missed the whole thing. Overall the whole experience was beautiful and I got a beautiful baby boy out of all that pain. Analyce was a little shocked and amazed at what she had just witnessed, but super excited at the fact that this little baby was hers to keep. As I look back on that day I am so grateful that everything turned out so well, because our lives would not be the same without my little Jaren boy. He is such a joy and happy baby he just makes my life more entertaining, and fun. I want to just make a list of the funny and cute things that he does, so I can always remember this time in his life.
*Since he was little he will only sleep on his tummy
*He will only sleep in his own bed with a blanket over his face
*He loves his pacifiers
*He loves to eat (he is a bottomless pit)
*He will throw a fit and crawl out of the room crying if he doesn't get what he wants
*He has actually put himself into timeout when he gets mad
*He could walk if he wanted too but he chooses to just crawl
*He loves to get into anything and everything
*He will put anything that he can find in his mouth
*He thinks he is so cool when he gets to eat big people food
*He loves to take baths
*He loves to yell when he is mad
*He loves to follow mommy around and climb up her leg so that he can walk with me
*He loves to play with his tongue and chew his own cud
*He loves to watch cartoons with his sister
*He hates it when you try to feed him his last bit of food (he will throw a fit)
*He hates it when daddy tries to throw him in the air
*He hates it when whoever he is begging food from their food is gone
*He hates getting ear infections (I don't blame him)
*He hates it when his sister tries to make him do something he doesn't want to
*He loves to dance to any music he hears
*He likes to grind his teeth (totally nasty)
*He has 8 teeth
*He weighs 25 lbs and is 27 inches tall
*He loves to rub his eyes when he is tired
*He will let mommy or daddy put him in his bed when we think he is ready and he falls asleep

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th of July!

This 4th of July was a little different for us, because we didn't have any family to spend it with. Jeremy had to work during the day so me and the kids just hung out doing our usual stuff, just being goofy at home. That day we did get some unusual weather, it poured for about an hour and hailed for half of it. It was fun for me, because my little girl who thinks she is so big was really scared and just wanted to cuddle with me. The loud rain and hail put my sweet baby boy to sleep and he slept through the whole thing. After all that excitement we got ready to go to a friends house to watch the fireworks. Analyce absolutely loved the fireworks and couldn't get enough of them. Jaren also loved them and would clap whenever anyone else would. Jaren did loose interest, because he was more interested in the watermelon mommy was feeding him. This was Jaren's first firework show because last year he was still in mommys tummy. I still can't believe that my little baby boy is turning 1 is just a couple of days. We really enjoyed the firework show this year and couldn't believe how awesome it is to sit outside and not sweat the entire time. The weather in Prescott was beautiful and even a little chilly, the weather made the night even better.