Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jaren's Baby Blessing

I am a little behind at posting things that have happened in January, and one of the most important things was my baby boy finally got blessed. Every Fast Sunday that we have had since Jaren was born Jeremy was usually working. We never thought to ask to do it on a different Sunday, but we finally asked our Bishop to let us do it at home. He wasn't to thrilled about the idea at first but within a month he agreed and told us to just let him know when and where. So we hurried up and decided to do it on January 11, 2009 at 5 pm. We wanted to hurry and get it done before we moved. It was planned at the last minute so only my immediate family and Jeremy's family were there. Jeremy did such an awesome job on the blessing, and Jaren was just as happy as could be. I have been so relived to finally have that done and to not have to stress about it any more. We have been so BLESSED to have another beautiful baby join our family.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am A little behind on posting pictures from the Butler Christmas party in Showlow, but better late then never! We left on New Years Day and drove the long three hour drive, which it was only long cause my six month old had the flu. We arrived right before the party started and partied all night long, well until about midnight. Then we headed to Aunt Mary's house to get some well needed rest. The next day the kids enjoyed the snow while the adults spent the entire day trying to kill time. My family left that night after a wonderful dinner at Aunt Dana's house. We were a little bummed to leave before everyone but now we look back and are so glad we got out when we did. That night our little niece Jaycee threw up a few times then in the morning a couple of other people got sick. So my little baby gave everyone the flu except me. Jeremy came home and had it on Saturday and he wouldn't even leave the house to get the stuff he neaded for his trip to Texas, so I was having to run all the errands for him. Over all the trip was a lot of fun and Analyce enjoyed playing in the snow with her cousins.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


When Jeremy first told me that he wanted to fly helicopters for a living, I was like say what, do people really do that? He first told me about it before we were married and I kinda thought he was a little crazy.When I would day dream about getting married to a wonderful guy who was rich it didn't usually involve him putting his life in great danger every single day. Then I thought he wouldn't get accepted to the school ( since it's very expensive) and if by a miracle he did he would just chicken out or I would convince him to try something different. I can still remember the day when I was checking our answering machine and heard the message that he had been accepted and approved for the loan. I thought for a moment, do I really need to tell Jeremy about this I mean I could have easily hit the DELETE button at any time. Then I realized that this must be meant to be because there is no other way he would have been accepted. I then decided to interrupt his shower and tell him the good news and at that moment I realized he really wanted to do this. The excitement on his face was just awesome, I didn't know anybody could get that excited about flying in a death trap and spending 60 G's to do it. He then spent a really long and tiring 2 1/2 years to finish his schooling. During his schooling he was told by several people (instructors) that he was an excellent pilot. He was even told by one of his examiners that he flew like a ROCK STAR! He definetly is a rock star when it comes to flying, he just knows his stuff. I have been up in the air with him three times, and now I know this is what he is meant to do. I really believe that he has angels watching over him when he is in the air. His ultimate goal was to eventually fly in Arizona doing EMS with Native Air. He had that goal set right after he started school. I don't think he thought he would get his DREAM job as fast as he did. He put in some long hours as a CFI (and was great as a teacher) and then he headed off to the Grand Canyon(which was really hard at times) but he pushed through all the foreigners crap. He originally wanted to go out to the Gulf and ferry people out to the oil rigs, but if he would have done that he would still be out there. He built up his time super fast at the Grand Canyon and then applied with Native Air. He didn't think he would get the job because he doesn't have very much experience, but he GOT it!! Jeremy left for Texas on Jan. 4, 2009 for his initially training. He will be based out of Prescott, Az. which means we will be moving as a family. We will miss both of our families, but this is a great opportunity for our family. We are so excited for Jeremy that he gets to finally do what he wants to do with his career. Not very many people look forward to going to work everyday, or get paid to sleep on the job (at times) Jeremy has been told by so many people that he is their hero, cause he went out and did what they have always wanted to do. We are so proud of you babe (daddy) just remember you will always have a family to come home to every night, so FLY SAFE!! WE LOVE YOU and GOOD LUCK on your first day.