Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mommy had another appointment with the midwife and I always look forward to them, because we just sit and talk about you. We discuss how I am feeling and how the sickness is and how much weight I have gained( which is 8 lbs now). I then get to lay down to listen to your heartbeat which is the highlight of the visit. Well I don't actually hear your heartbeat, because my midwife just uses the old fashion thing but she taps my arm to let me know how fast it beats. Daddy always tries to listen to you too but with him always being around the helicopter it's hard for him to pick up the beat, since it is so quite. At my last appointment while I was laying down for them to hear it you decided it was a good time for the hiccups. I absolutely loved it because I could feel every hiccup, and with the pressure of them trying to hear you it felt like you were kicking me every couple of seconds. My midwife said it was really hard to find your heartbeat, because all she could hear were the hiccups. As they were pressing on my stomach I could see them actually move with each hiccup, and we all had a good laugh. I feel you move a whole lot more now and you sure love to kick and move around. Daddy has felt you too, while mommy was lying down sleeping you kicked daddy's hand. That is always a joy for me when Daddy gets to feel you inside of me, because it makes him feel like he is more involved. Your big sister felt you move today and she just lit up and said "is that my baby." When I put her hand on my stomach you went crazy and started kicking like crazy. I hope you will always be that excited to see or feel your big sister, because she loves you so much already. She can't decide yet if she wants a little brother or sister, she keeps changing her mind. I know once she sees you it wont matter what you are she will adore you just like she did for your big brother. I am sure your big brother will be excited to see you, because it wasn't that long ago that he was with you. I am sure he will know you and love you from the moment he sees you. Mommy sure can't wait to meet you and I still can't believe I am going to have you in a few months. I don't care if you are a beautiful boy or girl as long as you our healthy. We all love you and wait for the day that we can meet you and kiss your sweet face. You are so very loved already by all of your family, and they are all just waiting in anticipation for your big arrival.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

This is what my wonderful husband brought home to me the night before mothers day. It was totally unexpected, because I have only received flowers once since we have been married. It was a nice surprise especially with Analyce's own little drawing in the card. Jeremy, unfortunately had to work bright and early on Mothers day. I did receive a wonderful text from him telling me Happy Mothers Day. I spent the day with my two favorite people in the world, my beautiful children. We made it to church and I was proud of myself for going even though I had a sick baby (running a fever.) So the whole day I got to cuddle with my little Jaren baby, because he just didn't feel good. The next morning he woke up with a new tooth and a new attitude. The only thing I told Jeremy I wanted for Mothers Day was for him to not get on the computer for a single minute while he was home. Thankfully he granted my wish and didn't even step a foot in the computer room, so we spent the whole night together as a family! We didn't get to spend any time with either of our families on Mothers Day, but we saw them a few days earlier. We were down in Mesa for a couple of days and brought our mothers day gifts then. So I just wanted to tell my mother that I love her and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her. I wouldn't be able to enjoy my life as a mother, which is the greatest blessing I will ever receive. I also want to tell Jeremy's mother that I love her and I appreciate her raising Jeremy into the man I love. She did such an awesome job making a wonderful husband and a loving father. I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mothers Day and know how much they our loved.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I can't believe that my little baby boy is already 9 months old. It seems like yesterday I was waking up in the middle of the night to my water breaking and had him only a few hours later. This baby boy is so different from my first, because he hardly ever cries. He absolutely loves his big sister and he is definitely a mommas boy. There are a few things that i just want to remember about him at this awesome age.
* He loves to sleep in his own bed ( in fact that is the only place he will sleep)
* He loves to say DADDA over and over again ( only momma when he is mad)
* He loves to put anything and everything in his mouth ( he has choked a few times)
* He loves to play with his big sister and follow her where ever she goes
* He loves to beg for food ( yes just like a little puppy dog)
* He loves to go for bike rides
* He loves to hide from mommy
* He loves to dance
* He weighs a whopping 23 lbs
* He loves to scrunch his nose up while he is mad
* He has so much attitude that it scares mommy
* He loves to pull himself up to anything he can ( he has pulled a few chairs on top of himself)

I just love this little man, he is the love of my life right now. We have been so blessed to have Jaren join our family he is perfect in every way. Jaren has also picked up a nickname and I am not quite sure where it came from exactly. One day Analyce started calling him Mister Rawpey and Jeremy and I kinda laughed and thought where did that come from. Ever since then this is what we call him (especially when he has his scrunched up face). It's a weird nickname but it just fits our little boy. We can't wait to see Jaren as the big brother, because he will be awesome and so loving to the new addition. We love you little man!