Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 weeks

I can't believe it has already been three weeks since I had my precious baby girl. The time leading up to the deliver seems to slow down a bit, but once you have that baby it flies by. I feel like where has the time gone I was just pregnant with this little one like yesterday. Makayla has changed so much already. She lost her cord when she was one week old and that is always a sad time, because that was the last thing that reminded me of the birth. She has had a couple of baths, thrown up several times, pooped through several outfits, and loves loves loves to nurse. Makayla doesn't really like to sleep in her own bed yet but that will come, hopefully. Analyce has been such a big helper to her little brother and sister. Once I had Makayla it was like Analyce grew so much and became a big girl. She used to think that she had to lay in mommys room either on the floor or on our couch, but now she goes to bed in her own bed. Once it hits 9 o'clock I tell Analyce and Jaren that it is bed time and I go put them in bed, tuck them in and give them kisses and hugs, and they actually go to bed. Last night I heard Analyce telling Jaren "it's ok your big sister is right here so you don't need to cry." I thought WOW my little girl is no longer little she is the BIG sister, and she loves both of her siblings. Jaren has showed a little bit of jealousy towards Makayla, but he loves to hold her and give her hugs. Whenever I am holding Makayla, Jaren will come over with his hands out and in the softest most sweetest voice will say "Baby". Jaren is already the overprotective BIG brother, and I love it. As Jeremy and I layed in bed last night we both agreed that we have three of the most amazing kids. We can't believe that we actually get some time alone (from 9-10pm) just to ourselves, while our precious babies try to fall asleep. We know that this time wont last long since Makayla still has some work ahead of her to be able to go in her own bed all by herself. I feel so blessed to be able to spend everyday with the three most beautiful babies, and I never want them to grow up. I wish I could just freeze time so I would'nt ever have to let them go.

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Scott and Genevieve said...

Three weeks already! I've heard that with each kid time seems to go faster. Cute pictures!