Monday, February 1, 2010


My blog has seen better days, like when I actually posted stuff. I haven't been meaning to neglect it, but my computer is sort of broken right now. It only works for a little bit at a time before freezing, and I have no way to upload photos. I have so much to post like Christmas, birth story and just funny stuff that my babies do. I only post stuff so I can remember what happens all day long. I don't keep a journal, which I really need to start, so this is like my journal and I am WAY behind. So for now I think I will be putting up picture less posts, until I get my new computer!! I will then go back and add pictures of my cute kids!!

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Mary said...

So happy to hear you'll be posting again! We'll miss the photos, but we'll love the words! We miss you all, too!

Love ya!