Monday, April 26, 2010

My Sweet Baby Girl!!

My sweet baby Makayla is already 7 months, and I can't believe it. It seems just like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the very first time. She hasn't grown in size very much from that first day, but her personality has. She has the sweetest most stubborn personality I know, well maybe she gets from me. Makayla has had trouble putting on weight and we aren't quite sure why, but I am hopeful that she will surpass the 13lb mark, and soon. The Pediatrician had told us that she had a heart murmur and that could be the reason why she isn't putting on weight. As a mom I of course freaked, and couldn't believe that something serious could be wrong with my precious baby. After taking her in to the cardiologist and having tons of test run we got the GREAT news that she had a perfectly normal heart. So after that it was back to square one of just getting her to eat, which she is doing so much better in that department. For her first Pediatrician appointment she didn't fair to good on the charts. She weighed in at 12lbs and 11oz below the 5th percentile, which is crazy for one of my kids. So her weight was a little scary, but since then she has already put on 1lb!! I truly believe that My Makayla girl is a very special Child of God, and has had her angel working overtime for her. I feel so blessed that God has given me this special baby and trusts me to watch over her. I just want to put some special things that she does at this time in her life
*she loves to nurse*refuses to take a bottle
*only will take the pacifier if SHE puts it in her mouth
*has to be tricked into eating rice cereal
*loves to sleep in a big bed
*is a pro at rolling over and quick too
*can rock back and forth on hands and knees and scoot backwards
*is called a cat for her nickname
*has cat like qualities
*has 9 lives like a cat(has already used 3 that I am aware of)
*loves to splash in the bath
*has to wings on the sides of her head (from her hair)
*loves to have a big bucket of toys in front of her so she can pull everything out
*loves playing with her big bro and sister
*only wants mommy to hold her
*cries when mommy tries to pass her off to daddy
*is very ticklish on her chest
*loves to be held up in the air by daddy
*loves to put everything in her mouth (except food)
*just got her first tooth (mommy was not aware of it until it already had broken through)
*loves dogsThis baby girl has so much personality that I think we are going to definitely be in trouble with her when she gets older.She is also so super sweet and loves to just cuddle, sometimes. We are so very blessed that her sweet spirit joined our family, and we wouldn't be the same without her. She is completely adored by everyone that meets her, especially by her older siblings! We love you Makayla girl!!


Mary said...

You know that Elf-girl has a special place in my heart! I will say a prayer for her to put on some poundage!

Jeremy and Cami said...

Thanks!! she definitely still has the elf look. She is doing way better at eating so if she keeps it up she will get some chubbiness soon:)

Coley said...

I am soooo glad she is okay and is eating better now. I am gonna quit being a slacker and send her som clothes soon :)